Michèle Vanvlasselaer presents the work of Belgian architects Robbrecht & Daem, known for their fruitful collaboration with artists. For this occasion Michèle interviewed Hilde Daem and her son Johannes Robbrecht about their work (filmed by artist Marie-Françoise Plissart).

Documented with films by Maarten Vanden Abeele.

The following projects will be discussed:

  • The Office 
  • Puppet Theater
  • Golf Club (Mies Van Der Rohe)
  • Market Hall (and the work of Belgian artist Michael Borremans) 
  • Concert Hall (and the work of Belgian artist Luc Tuymans)
  • Rubens Square
  • Chamber Music Hall
  • Wall for a painting, Floor for a sculpture
  • Woodland Cabin 

Mohammed Al Hawajri and Raed Issa are two artists working closely together. They will talk about the importance of research and reflection about the process of developing ideas and the value of making sketches.  Mohammed Al Hawajri and Raed Issa will also talk about the influence of the Summer camp in Jordan where they were several times invited and where they met with many artists from all over the Middle East. The two artists are the founding artists of the art collective Eltica, supporting young artists in Gaza. 

Michèle Vanvlasselaer will present “Whitechapel Art Gallery” by Belgian architects Robbrecht & Daem. The project involved creating new galleries for collections and commissions, a permanent gallery and research room, study rooms, and studios.

Fayez Sersawi will talk about his long career as a sculpture maker and painter. His journey started in Turkey where he studied in Istanbul at the Fine Arts Academy of the Mimarsina University. Fayez taught most of the young Palestinian artists in Gaza at the YMCA art school. A talk about contemporary art in Gaza.

Michèle Vanvlasselaer will presents “Deep Fountain” a work by Cristina Iglesias in collaboration with Belgian architects Robbrecht & Daem.